/’ nd r,stôrē/
1. a layer of vegetation beneath the main canopy of a forest

The Understory of the forest is where the party is; between the canopy and the forest floor this layer, although devoid of much light, hosts an array of plant and animal life. In the spirit of this most exciting section of the forest Understory at Sky Deck hosts the most prolific collection of original cocktails and fine wine served to San Diego’s adventure seeking community.


We are located at the Del Mar Sky Deck as the centerpiece bar.


Beneath the canopy, at the heart of Sky Deck, lies Understory. The revolutionary luxury lounge bar is nestled at the core of the vibrant food hall-a culinary and cocktail haven that mirrors the essence of a kitchen island.

Surrounded by a constellation of award-winning restaurants boasting diverse cuisines, this visionary bar is a nexus of connection. The social epicenter for gathering, lounging, meeting, and mingling—where the enjoyment of meticulously crafted cocktails seamlessly intertwines with the ability to order delectable dishes directly to the bar from any surrounding restaurant.

In this immersive space, the bar is more than a mere amenity; it’s a catalyst for community. 

As you settle into this culinary crossroads, the ambiance is one of inclusivity and warmth. The design mirrors the openness of a kitchen island, inviting patrons to engage with both the artistry of mixologists crafting bespoke cocktails and the tantalizing aromas wafting from the neighboring kitchens. The bar seamlessly integrates technology, allowing you to summon a feast from any culinary corner with just a few taps, all while immersed in the vibrant energy of the communal space.

Whether you’re seeking an intimate rendezvous, a casual meetup, or a spontaneous gathering of friends, this visionary bar transcends the traditional, offering a space where the boundaries between individual experiences and collective enjoyment blur. 

It’s a place where the art of mixology meets the symphony of flavors, and where the spirit of community thrives, making every visit a celebration of connection and culinary delight.